Sunwapta Falls is a waterfall of the Sunwapta River located in Jasper National Park, Canada. Sunwapta is a Stoney word, which means “turbulent river”. Sunwapta waterfall is most spectacular in the late spring when the water flow is at its peak. The water actually originates from the Athabasca Glacier, and massive volumes are high in early summer caused by the glacial meltdown.
Sunwapta Falls is accessible via a short drive off the Ice fields Parkway that connects Jasper and Banff National Parks. The falls have a lovely drop of around 18.5 meters. Moreover,; there are actually two falls, one is a lower and an upper one. Normally the majority of tourist sees the upper falls which access is relevant easy. The lower falls are a short distance away.
At the falls, the Sunwapta River suddenly changes course from northwest to southwest and plunges in a cloud of spray into a deep canyon. This is a picnic spot, and seasonal accommodation and dining are available, as are picnic sites. A frozen wonder in winter, Sunwapta Falls will delight photographers with its eerie “ice sculptures”.
Sunwapta Falls was another one of those waterfalls which are same as Athabasca falls. Furthermore, the walkways and viewing areas didn’t as extensive as that of Athabasca Falls, but it’s pretty much safe views that could possibly get in less than 15 minutes from the car park.
The Sunwapta falls is a really marvelous place and there’s nothing like that gorgeous turquoise water. Sunwapta Falls is a famous and frequently photographed waterfall on Sunwapta River. The incredible glacial waters of the river are dividing around a tree island. A wet black limestone spire sticks out of the face of the falls and falls burst out of a constricted gorge into a potent milky plunge.
If you’re a photography lover, then you must go to the upper falls which are a more photogenic Canadian waterfall. This waterfall is a definite combination of the majestic beauty of Mother Nature.
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