It is well believed, that cats are a near-universal symbol of grace and poise. They’ve marvelous balance and are said to always land on they’re feet. Although when they up in the air, like these 15 jumping cats at play. They retain an elegant athleticism that most of us lack on or off the ground. Cats love to jump when they play. It is highly appreciated to never throw them just for a mere photo.
The incredible ability of cats to make always land on it’s feet, which is beautifully displayed in numerous of this photograph, is called the “Righting Reflex”. An in-depth study was done in 1987 on 132 cases of cats that had fallen from high-rise windows in New York. It has found that they’re injuries would rise from floors 1-7 but would than radically decline above 7 stories.
One explanation could be that, after a firm distance, cats reach their non-fatal terminal velocities and are skilled in spreading themselves out and gliding to decrease the severity of their injuries. Many peoples like cats and they have as a pet. So Jumping Cats is one of best moment to capture it the right time. Mindblowing Captures of Wayne Simpson23 12 11 98 7 6 5 4 3 224

Originally posted 2017-08-17 13:02:05.


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