Photographer Howard Lau, is creative nature & animal photographer, who actually captures the exclusive motion of birds in mid-flight. In the photo series, you see Lau has created sensations to viewers soaring high up in the sky alongside each bird. Lau provides it’s followers to a unique and rare opportunity to see an actual bird’s eye perspective of the world by merging multiple images together into one composition.


The profound views focus on individual birds soaring above stunning landscapes with wings spread wise. The talented photographer depicts the crisp details of bodies, beaks, legs and skillfully feathered wings in the unique and astonishing moments. Lou gives his images title to “A Better Tomorrow”, soul searching and all around the world and as the birds fly bravely through the world, probably looking for adventures.

All the viewers are invited to develop creative narratives about each bird’s life. Where are they going and where will they land? Do they have families and friends? Where do they live? The photographer says, “My aim is still the unchanged no matter what kind of taking photos that I am into to tell a story through the lens.

HowardLauProudWanderer1 HowardLauProudWanderer2 HowardLauProudWanderer3 HowardLauProudWanderer4 HowardLauProudWanderer5 HowardLauProudWanderer6 HowardLauProudWanderer7 HowardLauProudWanderer8 HowardLauProudWanderer9Howard Lau at Flickr

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Originally posted 2015-05-27 10:07:33.


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