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My parents are very talkative and I do believe that most parents are also the same. Since I was a kid, I never really listen to what they are saying. I ignored their advice and I end up in that position where I desperately need help in fixing my life.

When I cried at that time and I decided to talk with my mother. She told me about her past. Her childhood behavior was same to like me. Until she was a teenager, until she got older and marry my father, she never felt any regrets of what she has done to her parents. When I was two, my grandmother died followed by my grandfather death when I was only six years old.


However, now I’m 15, exactly one year since I started to change to become a better person. I remembered when my mother told me that she regrets everything that she has done to her parents. One thing that stuck on my mind until now was this sentence my mother said, “if I could turn back time or sacrifice any of my organs to let my parents live for just one second so that I can apologize for what I’ve done to them, I would do it. It touched my heart.

Therefore, from her experience, I realized that what I was done wasn’t right. My parents have sacrificed their time to take care of me and they love me more than anyone in the world. Once my dearest friend or even cousins left me, there are the ones who are always there for me. I said to myself that I will one day become the person that they want me to be.

If your parents are still alive, be thankful and take care of them. Don’t let them go without the successful feeling that they’ve done enough for you. Your parents should be your ideal and following on their path leads to you immortal success.



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