Ruby Waterfall is located within the heart of Lookout Mountain close To Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is about 1120 feet below ground actually lies tallest and deepest waterfall of United States.  The founder of this falls, named it Ruby Falls for his great affections with his wife. It is easily accessible at the end of main passage of Ruby Falls Cave.

Ruby Falls a large vertical shaft that was eroded out of limestone rock by salt water millions of years ago, believed 30 million years old. Ruby Falls Cave, distinct Lookout Mountain Cave, had no natural openings and could not be cross the threshold until the 20th Century.

Ruby-Falls stream is actually fed by rainwater and natural spring’s thundering waterfalls 145 feet and bring together into a pool in the cave floor and then lasts through the mountain until finally joining the Tennessee River at the base of Lookout Mountain.

In the 19th century (1920’s), the natural entrance to Lookout Mountain Cave had to be shut down during the construction of a railway tunnel. But after that, a local chemist and cave enthusiast “Leo Lambert” who knew the attractions of Lookout Mountain Cave, decided to reopen for it to tourist and made a company to do so.


Amazingly after drilling happening in the fall of 1928, the team eventually discovered a passageway 260 foot underground and still 160 feet above the Lookout Mountain Cave. The chemist Lambert and his crew entered this mountain and explore the new found cave. It is found a variety of uncommon and striking rock formations, flowing passages and numerous stream beds.

Pushing his passion to discover something new, makes his way deeper and deeper into the cave, and finally they reached its wonderful jewel, the hidden waterfall. Mr. Lambert and his exploration crew were mesmerized by it splendor and prettiness, and hurriedly returned to the surface to share the waterfall news.

On his next exploration into the cave, Lambert took several people including his wife Ruby to see the many wonders they had discovered. It was then Lambert decided to call the waterfall “Ruby Falls.”

So Ruby Waterfall proved to be the most prominent tourist place with its several unusual formations and indeed waterfall itself. But public interest was diminishing which lead to the closure of the lookout Mountain cave in 1935. Ruby Falls Cave is the upper of the two and contains a diversity of geological formations and interests which Lookout Mountain Cave does not have.

But with the passage of time development of the Ruby Falls Cave continued Electric lights were installed in the cave, making it one of the first caves in the world to be electrified. Later elevators were added to offer hundreds of thousands of visitor’s easy access to the caves every year. Ruby Falls remains a chief of Chattanooga tourism, functioning daily, and owned by the Steiner family of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ruby Falls in Tennessee has been thrilling tourist attractions for over 80 years. As entertaining tourist cavern by elevator and lead you along a paved, level pathway. Thrill to the exclusive formations and the sheer splendor of the glittering waterfall on this fun-filled and educational visit.

You can relax on the mountainside deck with a snack and adore the panoramic view of ruby falls Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley below. There’s lot of fun for children will love the forest play area, but it is a place where something for everyone at Ruby Falls!Ruby Falls United States Ruby Falls United States1 Ruby Falls United States6 Ruby Falls United States9 Ruby Falls United States10 Ruby Falls United States11 Ruby Falls United States12 Ruby Falls United States14 Ruby Falls United States15 Ruby Falls United States16 Ruby Falls United States17 Ruby Falls United States19 Ruby Falls United States22


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