In a fanciful twist that takes the great outdoors inside, this pint-sized cloud waters your hanging water potted houseplants. The inventive wall hanging is comprised of a resin pot attached to a blue or green backing. Above the pot, a water filtering system camouflaged as a whimsical cloud hovers over the plant.


Therefore; when water is poured into the reservoir, at the top of the cloud, water drops are dispensed onto the upturned leaves below. Functionally, the gorgeous planters are useful because they allow you hang small pots on your wall, though creatively; they remove the need for a watering can.

These charming Rainy Pots, which sell for about $18 from retailer Singeek, are ideal for urban residents who lack outdoor green space and who want to add a splash of nature’s liveliness to their rooms. They’re also great for busy homeowners who need a little help keeping their houseplants alive. Also See: The Flowing Glass Sculptures Inspired by Ocean and Undersea Creaturesrainypot1 rainypot2 rainypot3 rainypot4 rainypot5 rainypot6



Originally posted 2015-03-31 20:32:54.


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