The Colombian designer Diana Beltran Herrera is an illustrator who creates lifelike, brightly colored paper birds. Diana Beltran Herrera hand-makes the paper birds by building up layers to form the base structure, then adhesives on subtle feathers that are curled and splayed once attached. Wire legs are added and feathers are painted to create the models as realistic as possible. Every model takes from five days to two weeks to finish the task, but purely depending on size and complexity of model. Diana Herrera holds a BA in industrial design from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, Colombia. Diana got her first work experience in Finland under the supervision of Faroese-Danish artist Hanni Bjartalid.diana-beltran-herrera-242

diana-beltran-herrera-232 diana-beltran-herrera-222 diana-beltran-herrera-212 diana-beltran-herrera-202 diana-beltran-herrera-192 diana-beltran-herrera-182 diana-beltran-herrera-17[2] diana-beltran-herrera-16[2] diana-beltran-herrera-14[2] diana-beltran-herrera-13[2] diana-beltran-herrera-12[2] diana-beltran-herrera-11[2] diana-beltran-herrera-10[2] diana-beltran-herrera-9[2] diana-beltran-herrera-8[2] diana-beltran-herrera-7[2] diana-beltran-herrera-6[2] diana-beltran-herrera-5[2] diana-beltran-herrera-4[2] diana-beltran-herrera-3[2] diana-beltran-herrera-2[2] diana-beltran-herrera-15[6] diana-beltran-herrera-1[2]


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