The Verzasca River is famous for it’s crystal clear, turquoise water, vibrant colored rocks and treacherous currents. It is located in the heart of Swiss Alps and it’s length is about 30 kilometers flows with mountains. The beautiful Verzasca River is originating at Pizzo Barone and flowing into Lake Maggiore.

The Verzasca Dam is a few kilometers upriver from this lake. This dam is remarkable as one of the highest dam in Europe about 220 meters. Dam access is possible by postal bus and by car. It is possible to walk along the dam wall about 380 meters and enjoy the view of the valley from their.


The Verzasca River valley is in Ticino, the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. It’s water is crystal clear, and the depth does not exceed 10 meters. It’s average temperature is 7 – 10 °C and chestnut trees thrive at the bottom of the valley.

The river is a famous for scuba diving location and the valley is used for bungee jumping. The diving conditions are generally best from late spring to early autumn. It’s beauty had only been captured from the surface. Photographer Claudio Gazzaroli decided to change that, so he put on a diving suit, took his waterproof camera and dived onto the riverbed to take some truly stunning images.

He said; I wanted to show the real beauty of this place in an innovative way. The two main sites on this place are the river itself has naturally crystal clear waters and the bridge over the river constructed by man. I’m simply amazed of water clarity, and love this place and visited countless times. I wanted to have captured underwater world for many years. But only now am I happy with the picture. 

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