Tianmen Mountain National Park is located within Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province of China. The mountain distance is 8 KM from the city of Zhangjiajie in northwestern Hunan. Tianmen is standing at 1,500 meters above sea level and often referred to as the “Soul of Zhangjiajie”. A cable car was built by the French company “Poma” from adjacent Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain.
Tianmen Mountain National Park Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the “longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world”. Tianmen Mountain is considered a magical place never seen before uncountable tourist. The Tianmen Mountain National Park integrates wonderful geomorphology landscapes, old-line religious culture, and exclusive relics of humanity, wild animals, and primitive forests.
The incredible park has a very high standing surrounded by the some of its great attractions, like the Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Tianmen Cave (Heaven Gate), Tongtian Avenue (Avenue toward Heaven), Tianmen Temple, Tianmen Academy, Ghost-valley plank road, and Yunmeng Fairy Summit, etc. With a deep cultural background, Tianmen Mountain is always considered as a great mountain by locals.
The most prominent geographic features of the park are the pillar-like formations that are seen all the way through the park. They’re the result of many years of erosion, because the weather is moist year round, and as a result, the foliage is very dense.
Much of the erosion which forms these pillars is the result of expanding ice in the winter and the plants which grow on them. These formations are a distinctive hallmark of the Chinese landscape and can be found in many ancient Chinese paintings. 
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