In the year 1803, many fishermen in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan reported seeing a strange vessel wash up onshore. They described the vessel as circular, hollow, and made of metal and glass, with cryptic symbols inscribed on its hull. From the bizarre craft emerged a beautiful woman clad in the clothing of a style and material unrecognizable to the local villagers who had gathered on the beach.
In her hands, the mysterious woman clutched a small box, which she would not allow anyone to touch. She could not speak Japanese or any other identifiable language. Various historical illustrations of the Utsuro-Bune story depict the same set of symbols etched in the ship’s hull. And fascinatingly, though separated by two hundred years and several oceans, the strange shapes on the craft are eerily like those described by Sergeant Jim Penniston in Rendlesham Forest.
Could the shared symbology point to an extraterrestrial alphabet? Is it possible for the Utsuro-Bune and the Rendlesham Forest craft traveled from the same otherworldly origin? And what does it mean that the Utsuro-Bune washed ashore near the Dragon’s Triangle, also called the Devil’s Sea? An area of the Pacific Ocean in which more than eight hundred ships have allegedly disappeared?
More and more government and military officials who have been involved with the UFO phenomenon are coming forward and speaking out. Indeed, some governments around the world are opening their UFO files. There’s a kind of quickening of the pace here. It’s like we’re building up to something, and if there is a great secret to be discovered, the disclosure movement is doing its part and keeping interested focused on this fascinating mystery.
It was far too interesting and important just to walk away. Hence, the questions of, Are we alone or not in the universe? Are we being visited? These are really the biggest and most profound questions we can ask ourselves. That’s why many investigators involved with it and why they were so passionate about it.
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