Hansraj Lake (The Majestic Swan or Shakara Lake), is much unknown lake located between Ratti Gali Lake and Noori Nar Top in the Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan. It is not popular as much as Ratti Gali Lake, but its beauty is not much far behind that.
It took three hours from Ratti Gali Lake, and it looks like a lake which is large in size and majestic beauty of true nature. The Lake water is crystal cle ar and offering a stunning reflection, which is mostly photograph like for remarkable photography.
Several tourists really don’t know about this lake, because its beauty is entirely different from Ratti Gali. At Hans Raj Lake you can see & feel real God’s nature with stunning flowers in the surrounding area. In winter the lake is covered with snow and difficult to reach there.
But in the clear weather it is extremely difficult to define the beauty of Hansraj Lake. If you like travelling then it’s a must see place in Pakistan. Hansraj Lake majestic beauty will definitely feast your eyes15 11 6 2 3 5 1 917 13 8 9 10 5 4
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