The amazing bird that can speak JAPANESE reveals that he can “’ chat” with people on the phone. This particular species of bird is famous as the Common Hill Myna Can talking birds speak languages other than English? The answer is a resounding “yes”, where a Common Hill Myna is seen chatting in Japanese. Called Abe Chan, the incredible bird has become an internet sensation many thanks to his grasp of the language, though whether it understands what it is saying remains to be seen. The video was uploaded by Satoko Ohno in Japan.

In this video, the bird can be seen responding to a phone call. Satoko Ohno engages in conversation with the bird, showing off it’s an astonishingly competent grasp of words and phrases in Japanese. On his website, Satoko Ohno says that he has had a few mishaps with the bird in the past. This includes Abe Chan jumping out of a window, leaving Ohno running around an inhabited area chanting his name.


According to the IUCN, It is an animal of “least concern” in terms of conservation. The bird is famous for its unique jet-black feathers in contrast to its orange beak and yellow markings on its head. These birds are on average about 12in in length.

The bird most notorious trait, and its ability to mimic a varied variety of noises. At dawn and dusk, when it is most vocal, it can be heard making a range of calls i.e. whistles and screeches. The bird can mimic the human voice with amazing accuracy.

Although it is unlikely they are conscious of what they are saying, the capability of the birds to visibly replicate a human voice is impressive, if slightly unnerving. However, seeing a bird speak Japanese is definitely a rare and fascinating sight. 

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The bird that can speak JAPANESE 1 The bird that can speak JAPANESECheck The Video Source: Dailymail

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