Well, this earthen structure composed of 230m of simple, natural materials, looks like unassuming, yet it is in fact the longest rammed earth wall in Australia. The purpose behind to build to accommodate cattle workers during mustering season in the blazing Western Australia outback, the Eco-friendly formation represents a shift in the approach to architectural design of this sort.

It is built by Luigi Rosselli Architects and tucked into the edge of a sand dune; this “Great Wall of Australia” is a brilliant example of simple, eco-conscious design. This brilliant design has been fully acknowledged by Australian Institute of Architects, and expectantly represents a shift towards similarly eco-friendly architecture in the future.


The beautiful wall is constructed mainly using iron-rich, sandy clay obtained from the building site and gravel from an adjacent river, which are bound together using water from a local bore hole. Thus, this ancient method forms the exterior façade that is then built into a sand dune which forms the rear and roof of the building. Moreover simple in theory, this results in a structure that naturally stays cool, even in the scorching heat of the outback.

Therefore, the continuous building contains twelve earth-covered apartments, separated by angled verandas to keep privacy. The talented designer “Sarah Foletta” makes an interior space with a minimalistic yet live-able style, and a central hub on top of the wall offers a place for residents to meet and socialize. Furthermore, it may looks decidedly elementary, yet this natural, energy-efficient approach towards housing development will save time, money, and resources.

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