Far out on the Giza Plateau, in the desert on the outskirts of what is modern-day Cairo. The Ancient Skyscrapers of Egypt, loom three of the most familiar and yet most mysterious megalithic structures in the world. The great pyramids of Egypt, like three bronze mountains, orphaned on the plain. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the oldest and largest of the three, towers four hundred and eighty feet above the sand, or as high as a fifty-story skyscraper.
Weighing in at six and a half million tons, it took two and a half million blocks of stone to build the structure. And those two and a half million blocks of stone? They are believed to have come from a quarry five hundred miles away from the site of the pyramids. The average weight of each stone is an astonishing two and a half tons, with the heaviest stone weighing in at an estimated fifty to eighty tons.
The Ancient Skyscrapers Great Pyramid is one of the greatest marvels of architectural engineering in world history. And yet archaeologists have long speculated about how the ancient Egyptians were able to build such a structure. In today’s largest construction sites and quarries, massive mega-machines are used to dig, cut, and lift the stone. These man-made vehicles dwarf their builders and perform the work of thousands of men, using modern hydraulic technology.
Without equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, and excavators, builders could never construct modern skyscrapers. According to Egyptologists, the civilization that built the pyramids, however, had not yet invented the wheel, did not have pulleys, and had not discovered the iron. Mainstream Egyptologists believe that ancient Egyptians built the pyramids with only the simplest of tools: stone balls, copper chisels, rope.
But with these limited tools, how did they cut giant blocks of stone with such precision? Our ancestors, number one, had a completely different technological frame of reference from us. And number two, they didn’t have the words for things like cranes. At the time, they didn’t have the words for engines or machines or motors or helicopter blades or fuel pumps.
The Ancient Skyscrapers 1So, they described whatever they saw with the vocabulary they had access to that best described whatever it was they were witnessing. And therefore, we have such bizarre stories today of things flying up in the sky, or things descending, or people falling to the ground because the Earth was trembling and there was a lot of noise, fire, and whirling dust and wind. People thought they had a divine encounter when it was no such thing.
One question we must ask ourselves is how the inside of the pyramid was lit, because the deeper you go inside, the darker it gets, and after only a few corners, after walking through these shafts, it gets pitch-dark. There is no light in there from the outside. Suggestions have been made that the ancient Egyptians used copper mirrors in every corner of the corridors, diverting the sunlight from the outside all the way inside.
Though, the copper mirrors that were found from ancient Egyptian times were very dull. They weren’t highly polished mirrors as we are familiar with these days. There have been investigators who have set up these real-life experiments where they determined quickly that if these mirrors were indeed placed in these shafts. After only three or four corners, the sunlight would have dissipated and disappeared. So that theory didn’t hold up.
How did they transport massive blocks of stone hundreds of miles on the sand and then lift them precisely into place? In fact, there is little consensus among mainstream historians and Egyptologists as to the actual tools and methods used in constructing the pyramids. Notwithstanding years of research and study, archaeologists and Egyptologists remain indefinite.
The second theory was that they just used torches, but that would mean you would find leftovers of soot on the ceilings. As we understand it, though, no remnants of soot have ever been found. Even when they tested for microscopic leftovers, they didn’t find anything.
Hence, the only remaining conclusion is that the ancient Egyptians lit the inside with some type of artificial light source. Why am I discussing this? Is there evidence for an artificial light source? The answer is yes. in which they found those carvings are underground and it was always called the Secret Chamber of Secret Knowledge.
Only the high priests had access to those panels. Why? Is it because the high priests were the initiates who had direct contact with extraterrestrials who were taught how to handle these types of technology? The whole Giza Plateau is some sort of power plant.
Others have suggested that the reason we have pyramids and obelisks all around the world is that they have acted like some type of wireless technology stations relay stations that would transmit the power from one place to another.
And this is partly due to their crystalline properties. Now, think that that was the case? More of a nuts-and-bolts basic kind of guy, as in, sure, these might’ve been used for some type of power relay stations, and that’s highly fascinating. However, the main question is, how was it done? Because these things originate from a time when, according to mainstream archaeologists, we were carving with chicken bones.
You would be being facetious with the chicken bones, but even a copper tool doesn’t work on a granite boulder, you know if it requires cutting. Therefore, the copper tool is like a chicken bone. It’s physically impossible that it worked. We are talking about physics. You cannot cut a dense stone with a material that is softer than the stone in question.
The shape of a pyramid is one of the most telling common threads that we have in the entire ancient astronaut theory because pyramids exist worldwide. They exist not only where cultures were flourishing. But also, in places where at times there were no cultures flourishing and suddenly you find pyramid shapes. For example, in Central America they have stepped pyramids, and the ancient ziggurats of Sumer were also stepped.
We have Ancient Skyscrapers i.e, pyramids in China and ancient Greece. Ecuador is filled with pyramids inside the jungle that have remained unexplored. The Cholula Pyramid in Mexico is the world’s largest monument ever constructed by human hands. In fact, the volume of the Cholula Pyramid the whole pyramid complex is around 4.45 million cubic meters. The great pyramid in Egypt has only 2.5 million cubic meters in volume.The Ancient Skyscrapers 3
The question is, Why? How is it that all around the world we find these similar structures? Because it doesn’t matter where we go, the construction styles are almost undistinguishable. It’s as if all these ancient builders went to the same school. Or, as the ancient astronaut theory recommends these people were all visited by the same teachers the same extraterrestrials and given these design ideas in order to build monuments that would withstand time. Because all these pyramids are nothing but calling cards for the future.
They’re unbelievable feats of technology and engineering, and a society with no evolution in technology would not really be able to pull them off without an evolution in technology. Moreover, the question then becomes, is it possible that the knowledge to build these structures was given by beings from above?
And by that, another very intriguing fact is that many of the ancient pyramids either align or are built-in some reference to the Orion and Sirius constellations. Why? The answer to that might be that those extraterrestrials came from those constellations. So, there is a solid possibility that extraterrestrials did come from exactly those spots in our galaxy.
Were the areas around these pyramids landing sites? Is that why the Chinese and Egyptians both oriented their pyramids toward Orion and Sirius? There may have been a connection. To me, this is evidence that flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials traveled around the Earth, sharing this knowledge with different ancient cultures.
When there are pyramids all around the world, to attribute that simply to coincidence is a cop-out. It is incredible to suggest that all of a sudden they all just woke up and decided to create these shapes in the form of pyramids. So, the fact that they all look similar and have these bizarre stories in conjunction with those pyramid shapes, I think that we have to start looking at these symbols of Ancient Skyscrapers and ask, how did they originate and from where?

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