The Boston based Spike Aerospace first is in the middle of preparing first S-512 supersonic private jet. The expected take off date is Dec 2018, and you’d be amazed to find on every other passenger aircraft windows.  The firm is taking advantage of latest advancement in video recording, live streaming, and display technology with a lovely interior that will replaces the windows with giant high-definition screens.


The jet exterior will be line with small cameras sending footage to tinny, curved displays lining the interior walls of the fuselage. That will provide unbroken super panoramic view of the outside world. But if passengers like to sleep or take rest themselves from ominous rainclouds, they can darken the screen or select the assortment of ambient images. Whereas windows are indispensable for keeping claustrophobia in check, they need engineering workarounds that compromise a fuselage’s modest structure. And that goes two-fold for a supersonic aircraft, also maintain cabin pressure and resist cracking while flying 500 mph at 35000 feet. It would be much safer and simpler to have level skinned, window-fewer fuselages, but repeated fliers have become accustomed to a calming view of the clouds and tiny cities during takeoff and landing.

Spike-Interior Spike-InterioSource: Wired



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