Through her vibrant artwork, Canada-based creative Elspeth McLean purpose to attach people to their inner child. One way she does this is through small ocean stones that were located on beaches in New Zealand. They’re painted with lovely bright colors that feature a series of dots decoratively arranged along the surface.

Elspeth McLean’s designs changes in scheme and pattern, but they always delight in an almost-hypnotic way. It is very easy to get lost in looking at all of the complicated details. Elspeth McLean uses a small brush and acrylic paint to form these pieces. She has applied multiple layers of paint and sometimes as many as 6 applications. So that her dots keep their shape and create a slightly three-dimensional effect. This meticulous process is what supports to make her pieces so striking.


She writes about her work, “Painting is my way to find my “happy place” and color is a way to express and celebrate the colors of my soul.” She’s influenced by nature, animals, the changing seasons, and her world travels with a musician husband. Therefore looking at my art from over the years it is very evident that my art becomes like a storybook into my life. where I was, what I was doing, what inspired and interested me at that time. I must say, what a lovely sentiments. Source: Mymodernmet

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Originally posted 2015-03-31 20:42:51.


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