Sometimes a street artist creates lovely Bird Drawings beyond the thoughts, similar Brazilian artist Luis Seven Martins Aka L7m. He continues to produce amazing illustrations that blur the lines between abstraction and nature. Rather then taking to the streets, this time L7m turned his spray paint and acrylics to a number of canvases.
His animated collection features Bird Drawings forms that develop from a stunningly chaotic background. It’s as if the creatures are serenely emerging from the energetic confusion of his blended brush strokes. Luis actually uses a diversity of techniques to produce circular swirls of bold colors that are juxtaposed with the realistic birds.
His signature style adds motion to every piece and creates a sense of disorder that emanates from the composition. Through his work, L7m attempts to make “contradictions and scratchy feelings in the observers” by exploring thoughts of nature and attractiveness mixed with the chaos of our urban environment.
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L7m9 L7m8 L7m7 L7m6 L7m5 L7m4 L7m3 L7m2 L7m1

Originally posted 2017-09-30 16:26:54.


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