This is not Photoshop, that’s a real-life Stray Cat that has been stalking the streets of Varna, Bulgaria. The residents stumped by its unusual color were led on a hunt to find out the secret of its unnatural coloration. At first, concerned people thought the stray had been the target of a mischievous prank.
But the truth turned out to be a bit less sinister, however, the Stray Cat had been sleeping on a bag of powdered green paint at a local garage, and the cat seems not to mind the color, and neither does her friend. The first feeling was that someone had played a cruel joke on the cat by painting it green. Even residents had even created a Facebook group to coordinate their search for the culprits.
The truth, however, was somewhat less reprehensible it was discovered that the cat had taken a liking to sleep in a pile of powdered green paint at a local garage. Thus far, efforts to capture the cat and clean it or review it for health issues have been ineffective. Though, neither the cat nor its friends seem very bothered by its strange coat!
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Originally posted 2017-05-19 16:34:05.


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