Shoshone Falls is among the best natural beauties along with the Snake River located almost five miles east of the city of Twin Falls. Shoshone Falls (sometimes called “Niagara of the West”) is higher then Niagara Falls, and best viewed time is spring and early summer. At 212 feet, when the water flows (depending on the winter snowmelt), surely a spectacular view without no doubt.
Irrigation diversion of Snake River flows can considerably diminish water over the falls in the summer and fall, mainly during dry years. Although high water flows, the views at Shoshone Falls remain remarkable year round. 
The City of Twin Falls owns and operates the Shoshone Falls-Dierkes Lake is complex, and it provides an exclusive blend of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, landscaped picnic areas, hiking trails, boating facilities, swimming area, and a scenic overlook.
The complex offers restroom facilities and visitor information, and for a nominal per-car entry fee, visitors can enjoy picnicking and relaxing in the shaded, grassy areas, which offers impeccable vantage points for viewing Shoshone Falls.
It is an entire barrier to the upstream movement of fish. The waterfall has existed since the end of the last ice age when the Bonneville Flood carved much of the Snake River canyon and surrounding valleys. Before the construction of the several dams on the Snake River below the falls, there were wonderful runs of salmon in the Snake River. 
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