This is a very interesting story of a Sherk The Sheep, who escaped for 6 years before being had a shorn (haircut). The sheep gained international fame in 2004 in New Zealand when Shark, the Merino Sheep was shorn live on National Television. This is so dangerous to have so much fleece on the body, can become a health and safety concern even though his eyes were completely covered.
Sherk, massive fleece could be largest ever is to be used for charity purposes for children. Sherk, looked like a biblical creature, use to evade capture by hiding in a cave. The Merino Sheep normally shorn annually, but he managed to hide for six years and finally caught on 15 April 2004. The experienced individuals take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the shearing process.
When Sherk the Sheep
was finally caught at Bendigo Station, no one believe that this is a sheep. Sherk was shorn with sharp scissors, and its 27kg fleece is more than enough to make twenty large men’s suits. An average Merino Sheep has 4 to 5 kg fleece. Although, Sherk was too old to sell in the mutton market, so it was used in promoting New Zealand lucrative trade in wool.
Sherk, becomes a national icon, was taken to parliament to meet with Helen Clark (Prime Minister in 2004). So, far it was a record of the longest staple of wool ever shorn from a sheep. Sadly, the adorable Sherk died in 2011 at the age of 16. But you will love and remember for your wool.
The moral of this story is thought-provoking to look inside everybody. Because, our sins grow like this Sherk wool, becoming a massive burden that weighs us down to death. Our bodies cannot survive too long to put the pressure of sins on our hearts and souls.shrek the sheep 16 shrek the sheep 26 shrek the sheep 36 shrek the sheep 42 shrek the sheep 56 shrek the sheep 65 shrek the sheep 96 shrek the sheep 103
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