The skilled artist Jonathan Fuller gets a unique idea to recycles the ocean-polished sea glass that he collects along Cornwall’s coastline to make exciting, yet calming, works of art. These frosted shards are tumbled by the elements against rocks and sand, forming smooth-shaped textured jewels. He says it comes from a variety of sources including industry, sea defenses, cargo spills as well as overall littering.
The most generally found colors are browns, greens, and clears from the bottling industry. However, now that a lot of glass packaging is being replaced by plastic, sea glass is harder to come by. But when he is capable to find these rejected shards, however, Fuller takes the well-worn pieces and embeds them into wood panels to make tricky shapes and designs. Moreover, several of his sculptures look like blossoming flowers when they’re at their best times, though others take on the shape of a textbook circle.
No matter what the design, each exclusive specimen suggests the calming qualities of the sea with varying blue, green, and white tones. Indeed, it is a very addictive hobby that requires huge patience and a good eye, says the artist when discussing his nautical artwork.
Therefore, I feel by collecting sea glass, I’m making use of and recycling these rejected jewels. Therefore, on some days I even walk miles and didn’t find anything, and on other day’s handfuls, because you just never know what you’re going to find. Though in any case, Fuller accomplishes, we are quite unimportant in relation to the ocean, and it desires to be treated with great respect.
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