Well here’s chance to meet you a “Surf Dog” called “Ricochet”, only a 7-year-old pup with a brave heart of gold and the incredible ability to support heal and inspire people with disabilities through the power of surfing. The Surf Dog Ricochet born in January 2008, the golden retriever was initially trained as a service dog, but she quickly gained the big reputation of a puppy prodigy as she exceptionally learned how to navigate hard tasks like un-zipping clothing, switching the lights on and off, and opening doors,. As the time passes she grew older, though, it soon became clear that “Ricochet’s” endless energy and love of rushing birds made her a little too energetic to be a service animal. Fortunately, her owner was able to find “Ricochet” a purpose in life that makes her truly happy “surfing”!


Now, Ricochet has found her true calling as a “SURFice dog” who rides the waves with special-needs children and people with disabilities as an assistive aid and intuitive muse. She impulsively offers warmth, balance, and support for individuals venturing out on a surfboard for the first time, giving them unforgettable experiences that will positively inspire them to keep living the best life. Not only has she provided immeasurable love and inspiration for the people around her, but Ricochet has also accomplished to raise approximately $400,000 for charitable purposes through her surfing activities. Well, what makes Ricochet unusual is her powerful ability to make immediate, deep, heart-to-heart connections with the individuals she interacts with.

She instinctively and emphatically alerts to their passionate and physical requirements, which lets for profound paws-on healing interventions.” These exceptional qualities of hers have earned Ricochet well-deserved appreciation and applause, including the “AKC Award for Canine Excellence”, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award, and Dog of the Year from the ASPCA. The amazing story of this stimulating therapy dog/surfing champ/boundless beam of sunshine is documented in Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Confidence with the Dog Who Motivates Millions, an encouraging “pawtobiography” available on Amazon. check out another heart touching story of Devotion and Loyalty of Hachiko Dog.

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