To celebrate its 20th birthday the team behind Disney’s animated musical, The Real Lion King, has announced the production of The Lion Guard a popular TV movie and series inspired by the film and its sequels. And to get to grips with the inspiration behind the tales of Simba and the gang, Namiri Plains, close to central Serengeti, where the Lion King movie was based, have shown these breathtaking photos.


The luxury six-person tented camp will offer exclusive access to a vast area which has before been closed to the public as it was being used by the Frankfurt Zoo for there research into big cats. Namiri Plains camp was formed for real safari fans wanting a high level of comfort in secluded surroundings, brilliant guiding and a deeper, more penetrating wildlife experience.

Tucked away in a grove of fever trees, this little and special camp has tremendous views over the endless sweeping plains that surround it. Rose Hipwood, Founder of The Luxury Safari Company said, “This remarkable area is East Africa’s top spot for big cats Real Lion King”.

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Originally posted 2017-12-25 15:32:27.


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