Nature is so beautiful, and everyday rare creatures stun human beings with there unique characteristics & shape. But it all depending on your perceptions, see this strange little blue creature may enthuse either aww-worthy shrieks of exhilaration or a bit of uncomfortable shock, perhaps a combination of both.

Therefore, you can meet the blue dragon, one of the strangest and most magnificent little-known animals in the world. The accurate name of this mythical-looking creature is “Glaucus atlanticus”, or blue sea slug, and though it is much smaller than its imaginary brethren of lore just an inch or two in lengths.


Farthermore, it has a host of nasty tricks up it’s sleeve—er wing? Moreover, they spend they are lives upside down, attached to the surface of the water and floating along at the mercy of the winds and ocean currents. This majestic create color is blue; they blend in with the water in order to camouflage themselves within they are the environment.

And however petit, these baby dragons are also hazardous: they predate on poisonous cnidarians, such as the Portuguese man o’war. They store the stings cells composed from these cnidarians within they are own tissues and use them as a defense on anything that bothers them.

Therefore, handling a slight blue dragon could result in a painful, and perhaps dangerous, sting. Though not often spotted by humans, one of these alien-like specimens was caught on film after washing ashore in Queensland, Australia. Also Read: Jasmine is An Evergreen Plantdragonmollusk dragonmollusk1 dragonmollusk2 dragonmollusk3 dragonmollusk4


Originally posted 2017-05-16 17:42:12.


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