Photographer Jakub Polomski has used a camera drone to depict a breathtaking scenic photo collection. He spent almost two weeks in July and most of his time capturing Iceland’s unmatched landscapes. I must say, Iceland is a unique and rare landscape, as few locations are look really abstract in the bird’s-eye view.” The polish photographer using a drone camera, and he was able to showcase the terrain’s fascinating patterns. There’s the crystal clear white snow that breaks up the plainness of the mountains, the flowing curves of a deep blue river, and even the jagged roads that border an otherwise untouched area. However, Iceland is rich in lovely landscapes; and he also focused on great patience is the key to accurately capturing the splendor of any land. “You should be patient, he straightforwardly when asked about his advice for ambitious landscape photography. He said you should have faith in in yourself but without overdoing it. You should learn from critiques, not refuse them. Source: My Modernmet




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