When you think of polar bears mostly you often envision them frolicking among a snowy Arctic landscape. Blooming’ beautiful! Canadian Photographer Dennis Fast captures playful polar bears having the time of their lives in a field of wild flowers. In the summer season, these majestic animals tend to migrate to South and as evidenced by these gorgeous images occasionally into fields of vivid pink wildflowers. The skillful photographer snapped these spectacular shots near Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay in the province of Manitoba. The lively white giants can be seen relishing themselves in the beautiful sun, rolling around and stretching in a field of fireweed. He has been long been awaited of photographing these wonderful animals. Although he admits that he particularly likes to do so in the warmer months when temperatures aren’t at a shocking -40 degrees Celsius, as they are in the winter. Besides being arguably the largest carnivore on earth, they are also one of the most adorable and their demeanor is mostly calm and inquisitive.
It is not just their color that makes them a favorite shot of my camera. They have a slow, ambling gait as they drift about looking for anything that moves. It looks like they don’t have a care in the world, and that there is nothing they are afraid of. It is really wonderful to spend quality time with my favorite animal. Wild animals need to become somewhat used to your presence and learn that you won’t harass them that are when they begin to behave normally. However, now that the bears have become used to Dennis, who every so often frequents the Churchill Wild lodges near Hudson Bay as the resort’s chief photographer, he’s able to showcase their true private, yet playful nature. He further added that you don’t have to be a professional to capture these animals in their natural habitat. The Arctic safari company’s outpost is situated in the small coastal town of Churchill, famous as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and hosts aspirant shutterbugs of all experience levels.Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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