The Obersee in German means “Upper Lake”. It is located in Berchtesgaden National Park, which is in southern Germany. The Obersee Lake was formed by glaciers during the ice age. It is 7.7 kilometers long and about 1.5 kilometers at the widest point. If you want to go to this beautiful Lake, you need to take the boat to Salet-Obersee in Königsee town. The Obersee Lake is one of the most popular and deepest lakes in Germany, covering an area of 470 square km in size with a maximum width of 14 km. The Lake is one of three lakes in Germany lies between Bregenz and Bodman Ludwigshafen.

The Obersee Lake is surrounded by high cliffs on three sides, which makes it a scenic landscape. This is a small lake above the more famous Königssee Lake, which feeds on its clear waters. The valley is beautifully closed naturally in the cascade of Rothbacher, and in the other end of the lake, wrapped in clouds, raises the Mount Watzmann, the third-highest mountain in Germany. This is a highly inspiring place to see. This is mirror like lake was once part of the similar lake, but the movements of the Earth over millions of year helped isolated Obersee from its larger sibling, while adding an irrefutable air of interest. At the beginning of the lake, you can enjoy one of the best views of anywhere in the Bavarian Alps: the 400-meter high Röthbach waterfalls.


The reflection of Lake Water looks like glass from one end to the other. The tourists will not forget this view in his rest of life. The Lake drained by the Seerhein in Constance, which flows into the lake bottom. Its main tributary is the Alpine Rhine. Here there are also attractive villages and old, in the village there is a hotel to stay for travelers on a tired and there is also a very lovely restaurant with delicious cuisine from the village itself. The thing that struck most visitors is about the lake where the contrast in colors of the tree leaves against the turquoise blue water, with the reflection of the mountains also being cast on the water at the same time. Beautiful and pristine! Enjoy the picturesque place in Germany.

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