I recently stumble upon a brave dog who served the US military in World War 1. That is Mutt – The French Bulldog of WWI who worked as a trench messenger – From the famous book “War Dogs – A History of Loyalty and Heroism” comes this description of Mutt – “Mutt’ a “trench runner’ Frenchie delivered cigarettes and gave his friendship to the soldiers.

You know, normally dogs provided a psychological comfort, even if for just for a few moments. Mutt Bulldog was badly wounded twice but could not stop to provide energy to front line troops and he also spent most of WW1 boosting the morale of the US Army11th Engineers. Therefore, when World War 1 finished, the mascots were usually left behind.

However, Mutt Bulldog was luckily smuggled on board. When Mutt was discovered and under threat of being thrown overboard. But his savior said they’d have to throw him overboard also.


Hence, Mutt returned safely to New York.” In the later years, French Bulldogs were so popular among in high society of wealthy Americans. When Mutt back to New York, he lived his remaining days before dying of natural causes a few years later.

Mutt – The French Bulldog of WWI was a real companion in world war 1, that provided many services, like comfort, delivering the goods, finding wounded soldiers in the battlefield, pull and push war weapons, sending messages between the lines, sniffing oppositions positions, and battalion mascots.

Mutt brought happiness on the faces of many soldiers in the worst ever war. Just imagine, how difficult for a dog to provide supplies on the battlefield. That is an awesome job he had given in horrific time in humankind’s history. He proved Mutt was a loveable, faithful and loving companion.

Popular footage of Mutt the French Bulldog in the World War on YouTube and Dailymotion. Sadly, there is no audio, and nothing clear what is happening in this video.

In the 1980s cutting down a chestnut oak tree in a forest in Georgia,  they were stunned to discover the mummified corpse of a dog entombed inside.
Mutt, a French Bulldog and member of the U.S. 11th Engineers in WW1, he delivered cigarettes throughout the front lines, 1918
Mutt, a French Bulldog and member of the U.S. 11th Engineers in WW1, he delivered cigarettes throughout the front lines, 1918. Photo Source: French Bulldog Owner
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