Well, what’d you do if you saw a huge, mutant spider-creature running straight towards you? As shown in the funny viral video “Mutant Giant Spider Dog,” most folks flee in complete terror. You just no need to panic, though; the onslaught of giant, mutant spiders is not yet upon us.

As shown by Poland-based prankster Sylwester Adam Wardęga (a.k.a. “SA Wardęga”), the horrendous, and eight-legged monster was nothing more than his love able dog, “Chica”, cunningly dressed up in a furry costume and unleashed onto the unwary public. In the video, you can clearly see “Chica the DogSpider” scuttling cheerily after each innocent victim, looking like the stuff of nightmares emerging from dark alleys and shadowy corners. Even one man, in the middle of taking out his garbage, flees for his life upon seeing “Chica” pop out from behind a door.


Moreover; in another scene, two girls run away shouting from the frightening sight of the furry creature preying on a seemingly lifeless man in an elevator. Then a couple is seen cautiously approaching a spider-web-wrapped form in the trees, only to sprint right out of the park when “Chica” appears. One exclusively funny scene shows a man confronted with numerous bloody, dangling limbs, which he stops to snap a photo of before being rushed by the mutant monster straight into a close spider-web. In a moment of intensified tension, the gentleman struggles to escape, but absolutely disentangles himself just in time to get away. dog-spider-prank-sa-wardega-11 dog-spider-prank-sa-wardega-121 sawardega1 sawardega2 sawardega3 sawardega4 sawardega5Source: My Modernmet



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