Sizir Waterfall is located on Goksu creek, near the large village of Sizir in Gemerek town of Sivas province in Turkey. This waterfall has a big tourism potential. Trout breeding establishments are located in the area. Sorts of carp fishes may be found at some parts of Goksu creek. Like most of our waterfalls, the Sizir watefalf is worth visiting only in very rainy seasons. It can be explore and take pictures from this place and get impressions for your trip. Sizir waterfall is also called Goksu Falls. Closeness to main road and accessibility to the waterfall arise the attractiveness of touristic.


The majestic Sızır Waterfall consists of Göksu stream is one of the branches of the Red River, with water falling over travertine step. However it is about 22-meter-high and water falls in line of seven drops. But this is heavily varying according to the seasons and the amount of water passing through the waterfall. Although Sızır Waterfall and the surrounding are known by local people, it is ineffectually recognized across the country.

We have faith in that this touristic spot have high value will take its rightful share of the tourism pie. With the introduction of the scope of nature-based ecotourism at the second degree natural site. That has been declared by Sivas Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Regional Office in 2001. That has the essential infrastructure facilities.

At this point, we hope that this article will contribute to increasing the introduction and awareness of the waterfall. This waterfall has great potential for tourist to get there, and share a big part in that area development by taking necessary actions. Also Read: The Mysterious Petrifying Well of Knaresborough
6 9 10 11 Sizir Waterfall is located on Goksu creek, near the large village of Sizir in Gemerek town of Sivas Turkey has a big tourism potential.

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