Sean Kenney a talented sculptor was very passionate of LEGOs since as a kid and developed highly impressive collections since then. He started playing with LEGOs and now, he’s one of 11 LEGO Certified Professionals who can create modern sculptures for a living. I just chuckle at the age recommendations printed on the LEGO boxes as I tear them open,” the artist told TOPIC. “I remember when I was very little, I took anxiety when I heard the Toys “R” Us jingle, ‘I don’t want to grow up, I am a Toys “R” Us kid,’ because it made me comprehend that someday I would grow up and never like toys. Luckily for me, it never happened.


Kenney owns close to four metric tons of LEGO pieces and uses them to build a spectacular variety of artwork. He designs just about anything, from a life-size Homer Simpson to the Great Wall of China, but some of his most jaw-dropping works were inspired by nature. There is a lot of visualization required, Kenney says about his creative process. Therefore, I often have to step back and examine the model from all sides as it is coming together taking sections apart and re-building them. It is mainly depending on the size of the sculpture, even it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks, or months. I built a life-size polar bear that took 1,100 hours. Several times, I spent a day on each eye. Moreover, based on the amount of thought and effort that goes into each sculpture, it’s no wonder that he decided to quit his corporate job. These days, he happily connects with his inner child to make LEGO sculptures that will instantaneously make you feel nostalgic. His magnificent wildlife pieces may even recap you of the time you spent playing outside as a kid.Source: My ModernmetLego1 Lego2 Lego3 Lego4 Lego5 Lego6 Lego7 Lego8 Lego9 Lego10 Lego11 Lego12 Lego13 Lego14


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