The New York Based Photographer Dalton Portella captures a beautiful collection of dramatic seascapes that depicts the striking power of nature as it collides with the fine art of photography. Created by Montauk, the images are filled with a painterly quality that shows the powerful force of the ocean during stormy weather. The beautiful dark ominous clouds and streaks of powerful lightning fill the sky, while layers of texture blend sea and atmosphere together into one brightly colored palette.
As each storm rolls in, the ocean moves with violent force to make waves that curl up and crash down again in an instant. Dalton Portella took those electrifying moments with a single snap of his shutter. The viewers will almost feel the mist of the ocean water spraying up during the air. Dalton Portella says; I know with my art, I can capture essence; the essence of places I have been, emotions I have felt, and the subjects I paint and photograph. I portray the broad range of the human experience. These are for sure stunning, Lively Pictures of the Ocean during Powerful Storms. Read More – The Magical Glowworms Waitomo Cave
Source: My Modernmet
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