Is Meat Production Sustainable for the Long Term?

With veganism once again on the rise, you may be wondering if your diet is sustainable if you are eating meat. While the majority seems to be favoring the opinion that having meat in your diet is not sustainable for the long term. However, there have been strides made that might prove the opposite.
Is Meat Production Sustainable for the Long Term?
Is Meat Production Sustainable for the Long Term? Photo Credit – Pexels

Combine the Farm and the Lab

There are many farms, like Aleph Farms, that are making it their mission to create a world where meat can be sustainably consumed. One of the ways they do this is by taking the cells from cows and growing steaks that way, instead of sending animals to the slaughterhouse.
This gives the farmers more land to use instead of having to set up quadrants for hundreds to thousands of cows. It also gives way to less money spent on cattle and upkeep, less pollution in the surrounding soil and groundwater, and less methane production from waste.
Any steaks that come from this kind of farm can be eaten without guilt, as people do not have to feel shame from knowing that an animal died so they could have their steak dinner. With a few more advances, there is no doubt that such farms will be offering more meat options in the near future.

Get Rid of Massive Livestock Farms

Some people still picture little farms with cows chewing on grass, all spaced apart as they enjoy their day, and those farms are where some people think their meat comes from. Most of the time, that is not the case. It has been proven that a lot of meat can be produced by letting livestock have elbow room, so there is no reason to keep the commercial farms that are an eyesore, bad for the environment, and smell terrible throughout the surrounding community.
Take the cages and the chicken houses away. It is time to let the animals roam free again and live the way they were meant to. Grass-fed beef has been proven to be sustainable and delicious, and it is the best alternative if you do not feel comfortable eating lab-grown meat.
Is Meat Production Sustainable for the Long Term?
Is Meat Production Sustainable for the Long Term? Photo Credit – Pexels

Stop Supporting Unsustainable Businesses

Many fast-food places, especially burger joints, make up most of the problem when it comes to unsustainable meat production, and the demand has not slowed down, so they do not need a reason to change their practices. If you find out that a business relies on and supports unsustainability, stop giving them your money and encourage everyone else to do the same.
It might be difficult at first, but if enough people listen and stop giving their support, businesses will be forced to do something. Make sure to ask for a solid proof that the business has changed instead of believing whatever they tell you because they can just wait a while and then relaunch claiming to have made adjustments.
The only way to get all humans to stop eating meat is to have every meat source die out, which is impossible. Keep this article in mind so you can look for those advancements toward sustainability.

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