You have great skin, great hair, and a great body. In fact, the only thing standing between you and a cover girls perfection may very well be the enlarged pores around the nose that deflect attention from the sweet nose and sparkling eyes. Just about everyone gets enlarged pores. That’s because pores are actually tiny openings in your skin that provides a way for the oil glands underneath to lubricate and protect the surface of your skin.
Enlarge Pore during puberty when oil glands in the skin begin to increase the amount of oil that they pump through the pores. The pores get bigger so that they can handle the increased output. And they stay enlarged until somewhere around menopause, when they shrink into the perfect, totally unnoticeable size that you have always wanted.
You are most likely to notice enlarged pores around your the nose, because that area has more oil glands per square centimeter then any other part of the body. But it’s also possible to shrink your pores and minimize their appearance. Even models have enlarged pores; they just know how to hide them.

Concealment Tactics to Minimize Flaws

Here are what expert suggests, After washing the face, smooth a lotion containing alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) over your skin to peel away old skin cells that build up around the pores. The AHAs are fruit and milk acids that encourage older cells to peel off, leaving younger, smoother skin underneath. You can buy an AHA containing lotion in most chemists.
Use an Alpha hydroxy acid product that is 10% glycolic acid and follow packet directions. You can improve the appearance of your pores by removing dead skin cells. Moreover, use a foundation that suspends powder in liquid an applies it like a filler. Further make sure that the base you use is non-comedogenic and oil-free.
Some products available in the market which minimize the pores, after you smudge it over your enlarged pores, the liquid evaporates leaving the pores full of powder, like applying filler to a hole in the wall. Let the pore minimize dry for 3 to 5 minutes than apply a water-based foundation over the top. The face including the enlarged pore area will look as smooth as silk.

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Source: Medical News Today


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