House Wren is a compact, a small songbird with a flat head and long curved beak belong to wren family. The most widely distributed short-winged bird occurs all the way through from Canada to America and Southern Argentina. Few Caribbean individuals are a bit different from distinct voices.

The House Wren is most common, but its taxonomy is very complex. Because many subspecies are considered as different bird species. House Wren cocked above the line of the body or fairly dropped.

House Wren is smaller than Carolina Wren, overall brown with dark color barring on the wings and tail. It has a distinct buffy pale eyebrow, with pinkish and grey legs with cinnamon-buff throat and chest. An adult bird is about 11 to 13 cm long, with a 15cm wingspan, and weight is 10 to 12 g.

House Wren Habitat

The migratory, the insectivorous bird is a very energetic and bubbly, normally very short stay, and quickly through tangles at any branch. It is normally found at home, forest edges, scattered grass, trees, backyards, wetlands, farmyard, and city parks. The winter season is more secretive, likes brushy tangles, thickets, and hedgerows.  

House Wren Song

The bird often pausing and deliver a cheerful trilling song during the nesting season but not frequently afterward. However, female bird sand rarely to conspecifics. Listen to the beautiful song of House Wren.


House Wren Nesting Behavior

The industry and diligence of the House Wren Nesting Behavior when nest building is well known, built in two stages. These birds forage actively in vegetation, and some time uses abundant woodpecker holes as a nesting site.  A large cup type nest with various cavities, taking one week to build. The nest is usually made of little dead and dry sticks lined with various materials, i.e., wool, cocoons, strips of bark, hair, feather, moss, rootlets, and trash.

The female bird is very choosy, can throw any unwanted sticks to the ground and lines the nest. The entrance to the nest is very often constricted by twigs which narrow the entrance or create a small corridor-like passage within the box. The small nest cup and its narrow approaches may discourage some predators.

They prefer nesting height is about 50ft above the ground. The House Wrens are feisty and pugnacious birds, occasionally damage the eggs of other birds in their territory. They are also notorious to fill up their nest with sticks to make them unusable. Females normally produce two broods each season, usually clutch 2 to 8 red-blotched cream-white eggs, incubate in around 12 to 19 days. The young chick leaves the nest within 15 to 20 days.

House Wren Diet

The House Wren diet mainly consists of insects, spiders, snails, butterfly larvae. Both parents bringing plenty of food for young chick, who prefer all passerines hatch.

House Wren Predators

The most known predators are rats, cats, woodpeckers, opossums, raccoons, foxes, snakes, small hawks, squirrels, and Owls.

The industry and diligence of the House Wren Nesting Behavior when nest building is well known, built in two stages.
The industry and diligence of the House Wren Nesting Behavior when nest building is well known, built in two stages.

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