Perhaps you believe it or not, these fairy tale-like fields are not digital photographs of our most colorful dreams, they’re real images taken at a seaside park located in Hitashi, Japan. The Hitashi Seaside Park covers an area of 190 hectares and has a diversity of flowers blooming through the year. Hitachi Seaside Park boasts it’s a wide variety of seasonal flower gardens like narcissus and tulip in spring, Nemophila are little blue flowers and blooms in early summer, zinnia in summer and kochia and cosmos in autumn. The most renowned ones, Nemophila, thrive and bloom in the spring, mainly in April, creating a really mesmeric view at the Hitashi Seaside Park of 4.5 million blossoms covering the fields. Nemophilia is derived from its Greek words-nemos means small forest and phileo means love, which means baby blue eyes.


The Hitashi Seaside Park has become widely famous for baby-blue-eyes, enticing a lot of tourists. These photographers have to Photoshop them out of the fields, as it is difficult to take a person-free landscape photo. We collected some of their greatest shots for you to drool over. The park includes cycling trails and a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel. The hill’s pathways will take you to the top of hill from where you can view the scenic sight of the Pacific Ocean and the seaside park is enjoyed which is really a great pastime for the tourists. As many people call, it is just a multi colored hill during autumn which just looks like a beautiful rainbow. The best way to see the sights is on foot as it allows you to view the flowers every angle of its beauty and we can be mesmerized. If you’re planning on visiting Japan next spring, don’t forget to include this park in your must-see list!

To enhance the attractions of park, there is an amusement park which named is Pleasure Garden, containing of several rides and shows inside the park which is a great place to see and there’re also cycling courses here. The bicycles are rented according to the charges given there which are really worth it. Theirs is also a play area is available for children’s for no charge at all but rides have some special charges. The seaside train is the most loving ride where you can hop and drop off the ride instantly which gives a complete glimpse of the park in 40 minutes. For the sake of visitors, theirs is also hotels available there, to spend with all of the cost prices affordable to every category of people where some of the luxurious hotel bookings can be made via online.

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