Aster Flower Information

The glory of the fall garden, asters range in height from six tall to just above the ground. Colors are shades of purple, lavender, pink, red blue, and white. They are hardy, the plants tend to be very vigorous, and some are even invasive. Most garden hybrids are derived from one of two native species.

From Aster novaeangliae (New England aster) come “Harrington’s Pink” pale to medium pink and up to six feet tall, and “Alma Potschke” which is three feet tall and a strong pink. From A. novibelgii (New York Aster) come many varieties including Marie Ballard, light blue, three to four feet, and Crimson Brocade reddish pink three feet approx.


Moreover Eventide purple three to four feet, Dwarf varieties include Snow Flurry which is white and Audrey which is blue-violet. A. x Frikartii is a very long blooming aster that begins flowering in summer and grows two to three feet tall.

How to Grow Aster?

Well, if you want to grow Aster than asters like moist but well-drained soil and plenty of suns as well. Most of the big clumps that are best divided every few years by replanting shoots from the outside of the clumps.  Also, the tall varieties must often be staked. But the stems can be pinched early in the season to make the plants more erect as well as more compact and free-flowering.

However, delay in bloom. With some of the dwarf varieties. You must remove some plants each year to prevent them from taking over. Moreover, mulch varieties those do not winter hardy in you’re a zone with evergreen boughs. Remove self-sown seedlings, for they will not come up the same color. Because the parent plant if they are hybrids and not an original species. So it is really very important for every gardener to know the Aster Flower Information before to plant it. 

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Aster Flower Information in height from six tall to just above the ground. Colors are shades of purple, lavender, pink, red, blue and white.


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