Grave of Two Sahaba – Shah Faisal – I observed that a couple of Sahaba, Hazrat Huzaifa ibne Yaman (R.A), as well as Hazrat Jabir ibne Abdullah (R.A) knowledgeable him that water, has entered his graves and their graves need to be moved to another location.
Shah Faisal presented a gathering connected with Ulema as well as enquired these individuals what they can do relating to this event. In order to which the Ulema unanimously answered that Sahaba (R.A) experienced, knowledgeable to him in regard to the event. Hazrat Syedina Huzaifa ibne Yaman (R.A), as well as Hazrath Syedina Jabir ibne Abdullah (Razi’allahu’anhu), ended up taken out of his or her fortunate graves.

Opening of two Graves of As-haab e Rasool In.


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