HQ Architects developed a wonderful public installation that provides an artistic aesthetic to the environment through playfully responsive design. The Warde project, located in Jerusalem’s Vallero Square an urban area that’s in really bad condition is being given a set of towering flower sculptures, big adequate to draw the gaze of the whole plaza. So, rather than fighting against the marketplace’s metropolitan nature, designers sought to work in accord with the municipality. These massive blossoms are motion-activated, which means that they bloom when pedestrians walk by or when trolleys arrive. To flawlessly describe their installation, HQ Architects says, the urban space abruptly reacts to the people using it therefore; people can also utilize the flowers for shade from the sun or for light when dark time’s approaches. Moreover, once the square is no longer busy with people, the flowers wilt and close, their lively petals resting until the next surge of action within their vicinity inspire them to bloom once more. Source: My Modernmet

Flower1 Flower2
Flower3 Flower4 Flower5 Flower6 Flower7 Flower8


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