Well, if you’re thrill seeker, and seeking something different, then try this unique “Skylodge”, a trio of transparent pods strongly placed above 400 feet the ground on a cliff-face in the Peruvian Andes. Indeed this is new life time experience to stay capsules that is hanged with the cliff.


Therefore, “Skylodge” is situated near the city of Cuzco, the lovely three 24 x 8 meter capsules, made from polycarbonate and aluminium, are operated by Peruvian tour company Natura Viva and overlook the remarkable Sacred Valley a region distinguished for its magnificent scenery, little villages and death-defying roads.

Moreover, the price you will have to pay to stay in one of these extremely unique capsules has to climb a 400-foot steel ladder embedded in the almost sheer-cliff face to get to one of these exclusive hotels. If you don’t fancy about that, you can also hike or even use a zip-wire. Oh, and the other price you will have to pay is about $300 USD.Source: Boredpanda12345678


Originally posted 2015-07-19 12:32:36.


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