You know, the record-setting winter of 2015 has left us with all kinds of amazing pictures, most of them of snow and ice. Well, this is extremely too cold that the sea on the coast of Nantucket, an island on the eastern coast of the United States., has turned into slush! Jonathan Nimerfroh, a photographer and surfer who’s “obsessed” with the ocean, captured these stunning photographs of slushy waves rolling in to the near-frozen beach.


The talented photographer Nimerfroh, the high temperature that day had been only 19F, or -7C. It was extremely cold enough for ice to form nearby the shore, but not cold enough to form solid pieces of ice, which is why the waves had to travel through a layer of slush to reach the shore. It may just like an appetizing slurpee, but I don’t recommend trying it unless you like salt, pee and plankton flavor. This may be also due to thunder sleet that fell near shore and the sea water was so cold it couldn’t melt fast enough and built up along the shoreline and surf zone or maybe there were a lot of slurpy machines that washed away. Nimerfroh is an avid ocean and surfing photographer who has plenty of other gorgeous photographs of the sea, so check out his Instagram, Facebook and website! JDN Photography & Face Book & Instagram

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