Your tea-drinking experience is about to get a lot more spellbinding! The upcoming Sorapot 2 is part teapot and part sculpture and it aims to illustrate you the magical that happens when preparing your beverage. Usually, you would put your loose leaves in a pot, close it, and wait for them to brew. The Sorapot 2 has a glass chamber that changes all of that it lets you see the tea leaves explain right before your very eyes.
Using the teapot is easy. Simply unscrew the stainless-steel lock, unhinge it by the handle, place the leaves in the jar, and then close it. Finally, pour hot water through the spout, take a seat, and observe the hypnotic process of tea extracts combining with water. The teapot also works with teabags but that’s definitely less exciting.
The Sorapot 2 was formed by industrial designer Joey Roth and is offered for pre-order on his website. It’s slated to begin shipping in October. It’s current price tag of $285, and it’s surely not cheap, but what other well-designed teapot makes brewing into an art form?sorapot_brewing_tea

sorapot_filled_iso sorapot_open sorapot_top2
Source: My Modernmet

Joey Roth Website



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