As a book lover, you always want to keep your knowledge fresh by arranging your favorite’s books in something different way. Just like artist Jonathan Whitfill blends literature and art in the form of unique book wheel sculptures that’ll make you stop, watch, and maybe even read along. He gives a rebirth of old books for his Shredder series, turn out layered pieces that give off an aura of elegance. Since several of these literary specimens display titles, library stamps, and numerous book pages, this also delivers onlookers with the chance to explore the fine, traditional details as they esteem a nearly obsolete medium.


To generate these splendid sculptures, Whitfill beigns by cutting out pages from each of the re-purposed books, in order to form wedges that’ll fit composed in a wheel formation. The precious old books themselves are encased in a caring resin and, after being manipulated, they’re protected to a metal sculpture base. Once this procedure is finished, what an impressive results in a distinctive work of art that is fit for readers and art-lovers equally.Source: My Modernmet35678910


Originally posted 2015-07-04 11:57:25.


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