Nails are most important part of your body. Many people do not care about their nail color, shape and texture. These are 24 most important Facts about Nail, and the following symptoms indicate the specific conditions as noted:

    1. Pale and chalky nails indicate poor circulation, nerve exhaustion, possible stroke, anemia, and poor iron and protein assimilation, caused by extreme yin and yang foods.
    2. Green nails denote improper copper disposal and congenital liver ailment.
    3. Bluish nails indicate a lack of oxygen, poor circulation to heart, and heart disorder.
    4. Tiny red dots under the nails indicate possible pinworms.
    5. Transverse white lines across nails denote fever, heart and kidney disease, and malnutrition.
    6. Bitten nails denote intestinal and stomach problems and possible parasites in the body.
    7. Red or purple hemorrhages under the nails indicate an inflamed heart lining.
    8. Excessively shiny nails show an overactive thyroid gland.
    9. Excessively red, dark blue, or purple nails or fingers and swollen hands show heart and circulatory problems.
    10. Triangle shaped nails indicate a weak inherited constitution and a tendency to nerve diseases, such as paralysis or palsy. An individual with this shape nail should watch his or her health, taking care to eat wholesome foods and obtaining proper sleep and exercise.
    11. Short, shrunken, and withered nails denote a hypertensive nervous system, chronic disorders, a critical and fault-finding character, and extreme malnutrition or malabsorption of food, arising from extremes in diet during pregnancy or through early childhood.
    12. Convex or hourglass nails denote lung ailments, scrofula, dyspepsia and a possible yang liver, excessive mucus, and a possible tendency to tuberculosis arising from a yin lung condition as a result of an excessive intake of yin foods.
    13. Concave or spoon-shaped nails show a tendency to infections, chronic anemia, possible hookworms, hyperthyroidism, and malnutrition, arising from extremes in the diet.
    14. Vertical ridges denote intestinal, liver, and kidney disorders, circulation and skin impairment, poor protein, and calcium absorption.
    15. Deep horizontal ridges indicate severe calcium and protein deficiency, acute illness, nerve exhaustion, anemia, and psoriasis, caused by extreme changes in dietary eating patterns and environment, such as moving from north to south frequently and changing from yang to yin diets, or going from binging on junk foods to yang foods to fruitarian and raw foods or fasting, and repeating the cycle over and over.
    16. Round bulging nails denote lung disorders, possible liver trouble, and hardened arteries; this is a yang sign.
    17. Thick raised cuticle denotes an excessive intake of animal protein, extreme dietary changes, and kidney and liver disorders.
    18. Flat nails indicate a weak lymphatic system, proneness to mumps, tonsils, appendicitis, and other acute disorders; this is a yin condition.
    19. Square nails indicate kidney disorders, excessive intake of animal protein, or malabsorption of food.
    20. Ridges with convex and white chalky nails denote advanced chronic disease, such as stroke, cancer, and hardened arteries.
    21. Cracked and split nails indicate calcium deficiency and weak sex glands.
    22. Red or bleeding cuticle is an extreme condition of kidney and liver disorders caused by excess yin food intake.
    23. Soft nails denote calcium, vitamin, mineral, and protein deficiency from an excess of sugars, dairy, fats, and animal foods in the diet, weak willpower, and general fatigue.
    24. Excessively hard and brittle nails denote anemia and hormonal imbalance.
    25. These are 24 most important Facts about Nail, and the following symptoms indicate the specific conditions of color, shape and teture of nails.
      These are 24 most important Facts about Nail, and the following symptoms indicate the specific conditions of color, shape and teture of nails.

      Hence, It is very important that you should care and must know about the Facts about Nail. 

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