Cyclamen Flower is a beautiful plant. The flowers hover above the leaves like moths, on long wavy stems. The leaves are heart shaped and often handsomely variegated. Most are dormant in summer. The florist’s cyclamen, “Cyclamen Persicum” thrives out doors in places like California but is grown as a winter blooming houseplant north of Zone 9. Its flower is as large as four inches across and rather flamboyant in shades of pink red, lavender and white; often they’re fringed or double. The plant books from late fall to early spring and grows about a foot tall.


Several cyclamen species are hardy in the north. They’re shorter four to five inches tall with pink, red or white flowers about an inch across and marbled or mottled leaves. Many gardeners find them even more charming than their more tropical relatives. C. coum blooms in early spring. C. europaeum (C. purpurascens) and C. neapolitanum (C. hederifolium) are fall blooming and fragrant. They’re all hardy to about Zone 5 but may survive farther north with winter protection. I think they look best in an informal, woodsy setting but only if they are not overshadowed by larger, bolder plants.

How to Grow Cyclamen Flower?

If you ant to grow Cyclamen Flower from corms and are planted while they are dormant, usually in midsummer, about two inches deep and about a foot apart. (Plant florist’s and cyclamens outdoors in fall in Zone 9 and 10). They like soil that is rich and moist but not cold or wet. Give then part shade outdoors indoors; give them indirect, bright light. Also See: Lilac or SyringaCyclamen Flower is a beautiful plant. The flowers hover above the leaves like moths, on long wavy stems as most are dormant in summer.


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