I always believe nature is full of amazing color, and when I see colorful birds. It’s really amazing how beautiful our motherland is. The Cuban Trogon is one of most beautiful species of bird belongs to Trogonidae family. It is also called Tocoror (Priotelus Temnurus), actually endemic to the Caribbean island of Cuba. It is Cuba national bird, and its habitats are dry forests, moist forests, and heavily degraded former forest.

It is well spread known to be Cuban Trogon, while in Spanish it is called Tocororo or Tocoloro. The name is actually derived from its repeated call, toco-toco-tocoro-tocoro. Its scientific name is Priotelus temnurus which is very infrequently used in referring to this bird. The colorful Cuban Trogon with a green back, blue crown, red belly and beak, and white throat and chest. Interestingly these colors mimic the colors of the Cuban flag, and that’s why it is selected to be national bird of Cuba. This bird has a long fluffy tail, truly unique amongst trogons.


The bird is between ten and eleven inches from beak to tail. When these birds travel, they prefer in pairs flight, creating a heavy noise because of their rough, graceless flying technique. This is very common bird and can be seeing all over the island of Cuba. This bird is rarely seeing on the Isle of Youth Guajaba, Romano, and Sabinal.

This bird prefers wet and dry forests of all altitudes and likes to be in the shade as opposed to the sun. The Cuban Trogon nests in already created crevices in trees, primarily abandoned wood pecker holes. The Cuban Trogon feeds on flowers, fruits, and insects. Unlike most birds, it is proficient of hovering while eating.

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Cuban Trogon12 Cuban Trogon17 Cuban Trogon18 Cuban Trogon26 Cuban Trogon15 Cuban Trogon13 Cuban Trogon9 Cuban Trogon1 Cuban Trogon Cuban Trogon27 Cuban Trogon24 Latitude/Longitude=(22.862073 , -82.927362 ) Near Geonames: La Tumba La Habana Cuba (Map link) Cuban Trogon21


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