The world’s food production, clean drinking water, basic living facilities, and public health resources are declining and the population is growing. So, further burdening the families of the poor and creating social evils. In this regard, it has been mentioned in most of the reports where the average growth rate of the population is high and the resources are decreasing.
The people of developing countries are suffering from apathy, frustration, and chaos; they are not willing to accept any scientific, logical argument. Economic backwardness, mental discomfort, and lack of civic sense have plunged them further into poverty. The more problems from which the only way out is quality education, awareness-raising, and a tradition of dialogue, but how can that be? This question is stuck in its place.
All reports, surveys and press releases released by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) express deep concern over current ground conditions, climate change, and the spread of epidemics. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says that despite international agreements, including those reached the 195-nation summit in Paris, the results are far from certain. Climate change is causing sea levels, global warming, epidemics, droughts, floods, and hurricanes to increase. It has found China’s private companies are at the forefront of the relentless use of natural fuels.
Many times the increase in cars is a sign of China’s growth, but the rapid increase in carbon emissions is polluting the air. Car manufacturers are focusing more on the production of petrol and diesel cars. Countries and multinational corporations are in a race to make the most of modern cars, and modern-day advertising is driving people crazy.
Most of the leading car companies in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Japan and South Korea are working to develop alternative energy-efficient cars that can run on large solar and electric batteries. On the other hand, a strange and important issue Russia currently has the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves. Then there is Saudi Arabia, which is the largest exporter of oil. Iran, Qatar, Venezuela, Kuwait, and the Gulf states, which have spent on oil sales, are worried that the United States, the largest consumer, and buyer of oil, is now itself.
It produces the world’s second-largest oil reserves. In such a situation, oil prices are falling and production is being reduced. There is also fierce competition, as evidenced by the recent dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil. Russia is unwilling to accept OPEC terms, while Saudi Arabia is unwilling to accept Russia’s terms.
As a result, reconditioned cars from modern developed countries are being sold to less developed countries. In this way, developed countries sell the latest cars to their people instead of old cars have been. In developing countries, old cars are rampant, and oil consumption has increased. This is the contradiction of trade, of the global economy, one for-profit, and the other for loss. Climate change is increasing, and pollution is increasing.
Traffic jams not only spread smoke, density pollution but also noise pollution. We pay less attention to noise pollution while it is very dangerous. The noise of traffic on the road, the awkward sounds of horns, the noise from machines, loud music, and other activities have a very negative effect on our hearing, our mind, and nerves.
The vast majority of urban dwellers suffer from mental and nervous stress and various other ailments. People in developing countries suffer from many deadly diseases, viruses, and social problems. The biggest problem of these countries is population growth which is not noticed by the governments, society, or the elites.
Rural people do not even consider this a problem. Lack of education, lack of awareness, and some religious superstitions have made the people numb. The people of developing countries are suffering from apathy, frustration, and chaos; they are not willing to accept any scientific, logical argument.
Economic backwardness, mental discomfort, and lack of civics have plunged them further into poverty and problems. Therefore, the only way out of which is quality education and awareness-raising and a tradition of dialogue. But how is that? This question is stuck in its place.
Top priorities in the United Nations Environment Program, reduction of pollution, and social stability in societies are eradication of poverty and hunger, improvement of public health, universal education, and equal rights for women, clean drinking water.
Providing water and promoting the use of alternative energy instead of natural fuels for pollution-free societies, innovating industrial development, eliminating economic inequalities, continuing the struggle for justice and civil rights, and eliminating backwardness in societies.
UN environmentalists say the only way to solve these problems is through a public struggle. But instead of a public struggle, people can use modern means of communication, such as mobile phones, the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., even without taking to the streets. In recent days, this work has been carried out by school children in more than 30 countries.
Such recipes are necessary. The people will benefit from it because the problem is not small. Further the entire planet and all kinds of life on it, of which the man is the foremost. The fact is that changes in the natural environment do not happen in months or years but in decades and centuries.
The recent conference of the United Nations Environment Program was attended by more than 500 environmentalists, geologists and geographers who have made it clear in their report that despite all the efforts and report so far, no practical steps have been taken.
Earth’s temperature is rising, sea levels are rising, and large glaciers of ice are melting into the oceans in Greenland, the Himalayas, and Antarctica. River water is receding. Due to which seawater is entering the Delta areas which are badly affecting the agriculture and society of the Delta areas.
Due to this, various epidemics are spreading in these areas. Instead of disposing of industrial, chemical and acidic wastes properly, they are being dumped in seas, lakes, and canals, which are having severe adverse effects. This water is irrigating fields and vegetable farms in most areas. This is giving rise to various diseases.
Experts have repeatedly warned governments and responsible industrial circles not to play with precious human lives. But it is still going on. Global environmentalists and scholars have complained to the heads of different countries that they are talking about taking the necessary steps to reduce pollution and improve the environment, but in practice what is coming out. The problem is that the modern capitalist system, the retail and monopoly system, has established its monopoly through corporations.
The world has been transformed into a commercial market where everything comes from money. More exploitation is taking place in the name of globalization, even forcing people to buy and drink water. A monopoly has been established on every important thing.
Everything is being taken over by a powerful and organized mafia. The big shopping malls are sitting on monopolies. People are wasting money in the desert of dazzling lights. Gradually small capitalists, traders, and shopkeepers are disappearing.
Construction companies around the world have united; they have joined hands with the bureaucracy of countries through corruption. Black money launderers, tax evaders and those who make money through illicit means are supporting the mafia by investing in such businesses. The land, the sea, the drinking water, the grain markets, the foodstuffs, the pharmacies, and even the pharmacies are under siege. Honest politicians, judges, administrative officers, teachers, and ordinary citizens are the victims of gossip.
European educators complained at a recent meeting at the University of Paris that the vast majority of students from developing countries who come here for higher education have little emphasis on their subjects. There is no awareness. This is because education in developing countries is also being taken over by corrupt people called plant mafia.
A large number of students have become accustomed to shortcuts. In most universities, teachers teach students through photocopy notices. Universities are teaching old textbooks. In fact, quality education is not provided in primary and high schools in these countries.
Mafia occupation of the sea is said to be such that in most countries, where there are beaches, a significant portion of their population earns their living by fishing from the sea, which is now a concern. Because it has traditional fishing nets and other traditional equipment from which they have been fishing in their areas for years, but it is said that there are big modern trawlers of companies from developed countries who have all the modern equipment.
And there are self-employed equipment and experts who in a short period of time can catch a large part of the fish that weighs in tons. In such a situation, the fishermen of poor countries are becoming poorer and unemployed, but the mafia is doing its job.
Leading environmentalists from around the world, including John Jobber and Aldoliput, have stated in a recent research report that a strong lobby has emerged in the United States since Donald Trump became president, which has announced.
The lobby is also backed by the leading American newspaper, the Wall Street Journal. In fact, President Trump and a large lobby in the Republican Party, which owns oil companies, natural coal mines, and motorized companies. They are convincing the public that by rejecting global warming and developing a new ideology.
Hurricanes keep coming to the United States, blizzards on the rise around the world, paralyzing life in many cities and affected areas for days, closing roads, making it difficult for trains to run and power outages in some cities. The system gets wetter now because the world is entering the Ice Age According to this lobby.
The weather has been changing since the earth came into being. Once upon a time, it was a ball of fire. Oceans of fire used to boil. Then, centuries later, when the earth cooled down, the ice froze. And it was covered with snow. Then gradually, centuries later, the ice melted and turned into water, becoming oceans, mountains, and life.
These people claim that this earth is going to become a world of ice again and a time will come when the earth will be completely covered with ice, and the seas will freeze. This lobby’s ice theory has been rejected by world leaders and thousands of experts because they believe that US President Donald Trump is a businessman, so he rejected the Paris Agreement in support of his big business friends and circles.
Separated, they want to maximize the use and sale of US oil, coal, and natural gas, as they do not participate in or support any agreement to curb the use of natural fuels. The recent incident in this regard is obvious to all. “It’s not a dangerous virus, it’s just a flu-like virus, it doesn’t have to be confined to the house, you all have to work,” he said.
When bad news started coming from one city after another, President Trump became confused and, as usual, started venting his anger on China and sometimes on Narendra Modi. China, India, Brazil, and other countries are also benefiting from the US environmental policy and are making good use of natural coal and diesel.
Thus, pollution control measures are not being implemented, which is of further concern to experts. Scientists, environmentalists, and geologists have repeatedly warned African and some Asian countries to take meaningful measures to curb population growth as the pace of population growth is severely affecting the planet’s natural environment.
The world’s food production, clean drinking water, basic living facilities, and public health resources are declining and the population is growing, further burdening the families of the poor and creating social evils. In this regard, Pakistan has been mentioned in most of the reports where the average growth rate of the population is high and the resources are declining.
For example, clean drinking water is becoming scarce; people have to buy water to drink. The poor are deprived of it. This is just the fault of the governments. The world’s seawater is being used for purification. In the northern part of Pakistan, there are the world’s largest glaciers, five rivers flow on our land.
It rains every year, floods come and wreak havoc in the sea. But governments have not built small dams, artificial lakes. If an artificial lake is built in the Cholistan, a large area can be irrigated and water scarcity can be reduced. The practice of building small dams is becoming common in the world and the idea of ​​building big dams has been rejected.
Therefore, in Pakistan, whose population is growing, it is necessary to build small dams. Monsoon rains have been increasing in Pakistan for a long time. Floods are coming from torrential rains. This is obvious to all, but unseen forces remain an obstacle in building dams. This is beyond comprehension. Water will become a major issue for nations in the years to come.
With regard to the global environment and climate change, we cannot deny the fact that man will have to bear the brunt of the distortions in The System of Nature. Man, intoxicated with gold, lust, greed, and power, has not only destroyed the society but has also severely damaged the natural system.
Man claims that he has reached many stages of development today and is now fulfilling the mission of conquering the universe. But has the planet established a corner that is environmentally friendly and free from all kinds of pollution and viral diseases? No, the whole world is polluted.
The United Nations Environment Program said in its annual report last year that Hurricane Sandy, which hit North America last year, was caused by a two-degree rise in temperature in the Atlantic Ocean. In this regard, most of the world’s scientists who have been researching the marine environment, believe that climate change is happening in the world every thirty years, but this time the last two highs are changing the marine environment.
They are out of the ordinary. Recent maritime research, for example, has shown that waves are being recorded in the central part of the Indian Ocean. Professor Paul Kinch, who is researching the marine environment at a Canadian university, says the oceans could pose a major threat to the world.
He says modern research has shown that sea levels are gradually changing. Eighty years from now, the sea level is expected to rise eight feet in 2100 and to 50 feet in 2300. Experts believe that the waves in the middle of the Indian Ocean are signaling a major catastrophe in the near future, which poses a serious threat to all coastal cities and islands in the Indian Ocean.
Experts are more concerned about the rising sea level. The ocean, which is also associated with the South Pole, is heavier and is being affected by melting glaciers in the Arctic ice region. In addition, changes in the Atlantic Ocean, which lies between the North and the South, could affect the United States and its surrounding islands. In light of this sea-level change, a lobby of US experts, in support of President Trump, has likened global warming to global cooling. So, it is very imperative to keep the System of Nature intact, otherwise, the result will be very dangerous to the future generations.
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The deterioration in System of Nature, the world's food production, clean drinking water, basic living facilities, & public health resources
The deterioration in System of Nature, the world’s food production, clean drinking water, basic living facilities, & public health resources.
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