Song Sparrow Call

Painted Honeyeater Call

Bank Myna Sound

Bank Myna Sound

Chiming Wedgebill Call

Chiming Wedgebill Call

Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius spp.) are known to prey on small vertebrates, most authors consider birds to be a minor portion of their diet.

Loggerhead Shrikes Call

Ashy Prinia call is very loud, cheerful, wheezy jimmy-jimmy-jimmy. The Ashy Prinia sounds include a sharp, nasal tee-tee-tee and a cracking kit kit kit.

Ashy Prinia Call

Painted bunting song is a rich, varied, high-pitched, musical series of sweet notes (thinner and sweeter than the song of Lazuli Bunting).

Painted Bunting Songs

Peregrine Falcon call is usually silent except near nest, where most frequent call a loud, harsh, scolding ‘ka-yak, ka-yak, ka-yak

Peregrine Falcon Call

Common Grackle call is a loud, hoarse ‘chuk’ or ‘chak’, particularly in a flock calling.

Common Grackle Call