Bellflower is also called Campanula, whatever kind of flower garden you have; there is a bellflower for you. The flowers vary considerably in shape and size; though most are blue colors. However, some are violet or purple, and some are white.

They are extremely beautiful in pastel gardens, with roses, or just anywhere you want a blue accent. Some grow on plants of mid- border height, others on low cushions, and others on long, trailing stems. Most bloom in early summer, but some, especially the low growing varieties will continue to flower, though less heavily, throughout the season.


Campanula persicifolia “Grandiflora”, the popular peach-leaved bellflower, is available in blue varieties such as “Telham Beauty” and a white one “Alba”. It grows almost two to three feet tall. C. glomerata also grows up to two feet.

It’s variety “Superba” is a wonderful rich purple, “Crown of Snow” is white. Moreover, low growing bellflowers include C. carpatica, blue or white, six to 10 inches and C. poscharskyana, lavender, 12 inches tall but sprawling C. rotundifolia is blue and one to two feet, but the variety “Olympica” is more compact. This last species can be an eddy in some gardens.

Well, if you really like to grow this beautiful Bellflower, then the plant like the sun but will do well in light shade, particularly in hot climates. Also give some moist, moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Sometimes slug control may be necessary. Weed out the invasive types as needed; cut back tall varieties after flowering to encourage them to bloom again.

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