Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. The foods prescribe in super foods are good foods in the most literal sense of the world. Because they are delicious and good and help you get well and stay well. Ten years ago, healthy eating was largely the province of cranks and to most people the phrase was grimly negative, brown rice, lentils, nut cutlets and the idea that anything you actually enjoyed eating must be bad for you.

Science has now proved that oats, beans, apples and garlic reduce cholesterol that honey helps you sleep that cabbage can be an effective treatment for alcoholism. And that improve all round nutrition can raise children’s IQ by as much as 10 percent. The dietary advice that food cranks have been giving for over a century cut down on excess fat, salt and sugar, cut down on fried food, eat wholegrain rather than refined starchy foods.

Also cut down use of Alcohol and eat plenty of fiber rich fruit and vegetables. Eat extra dietary fiber to ease constipation, eat more dark green and yellow vegetables if you want to lessen your risk of cancer.

And it’s never late too late to change your eating habits for the better. In an ideal world, the food we eat would be organically grown in soil uncontaminated by heavy metals and acid rain. You will know, that super foods the drinks the herbs and spices to use for different ailments. Which items you need to avoid in each specific case.

The vegetables we eat freshly picked from our own gardens, the water we drink spring pure, and the air we breathe mountain fresh. For the vast majority of us, this ideal is as remote as the Garden of Eden. Today their is general recognition of the truth that we are indeed what we eat.

An apple a day may keep the doctor at bay. Super foods can help keep the family at a healthy distance from the entire medical profession. Our bodies suffer the daily insult of pollutants, and the stress of food that is often deficient in essential micro nutrients. The fact that the human race has evolved at all is remarkable. That we survive on our polluted planet is miraculous. We do survive, but at what cost? 


“Super foods offer recipes and menus that are attractive and varied, as well as curative. It will introduce you to the wonderful range of flavors, colors and textures in nature’s larder.”

Today we know that food plants are rich in pharmacological substances that can be as effective as any drug your doctor may prescribe, and carry no risky side effects. In ordinary everyday foods carrots, apples, sage, rosemary, onions, celery, beans scientists are discovering an enormous range of valuable medicinal properties.

Also bactericides, antiseptics, antivirals, stimulants, sedatives, vaso dilators, hypertensive’s, antispasmodics, hypnotics, and cardiac tonics, giving scientific validation to the instinctive wisdom of traditional medicine. What could stimulate the appetite more than a succulent artichoke? In fact, chemicals in the artichoke cause the gall bladder to constrict, pumping bile into the stomach, and enabling the digestion to deal with fats.

We are seeing today a dramatic increase in diseases which are linked directly to the failure of the body’s immune defense mechanisms. We are seeing diseases never before encountered such as AIDS for which we appear to have no immunity. Many workers in the field of environmental medicine believe that our new vulnerability is a consequence of our diet of devitalized foods, the product of agribusiness and global contamination.

An instinctive grasp of the relationship between specific foods and diseases has been part of humanity’s heritage since the dawn of time. Whether you are suffering from a mild infection, a chronic condition or a major illness, kitchen medicine will improve your resistance. Also it will enhance your chances of full recovery and help restore you to be healthy. It may take time but its result is sure.

Even if you eat the healthy diet all the experts’ advice, vegetables, fresh fruit, salads, wholegrain, nuts and seeds you may be short of the vital nutrients that you think you are getting in abundance. US nutrition expert Michael Colgan went shopping for oranges and found that while an orange bought from the grower and freshly picked contained as much as 180mg of vitamin C. And an orange bought in a supermarket, which looked just as fresh and glowing, contained not a single milligram.

Most of men and women short in zinc. The food intake of the subjects and assumed that these foods contained the levels of zinc set out in ever nutritionist’s calculating tables. Because severe Zinc deficiencies in human body of wide range of soils in Europe and the United States.

Fruit and vegetables grown on depleted soils are often low in vital minerals and trace elements. Especially zinc, magnesium and selenium, and their is no sign of any general improvement in farming methods. In fact, intensive farming today relies on ever increasing amounts of chemical fertilizer, and pesticides which linger in our food stuffs, further depleting our nutritional reserves.

Why for digestive upsets, onions for wheezing lungs, boiled rice for diarrhea, celery for joint pains, raw potato for stomach ulcers, and artichokes for liver problems. These are just a small sample of the effective food medicines used by people and world over long before we learned to rely on manmade drugs. Today it is not enough simply to reply on the traditional well balanced mixed diet.

To ensure Super resistance, you must know how to supplement your diet not with pills and capsules, but with the super foods which are extra rich sources of the natural goodness we all need. The Foods will supply the vital bricks that build your body’s resistance to stress, disease and infection.

And whose mouth doesn’t water at the sight of a bowl of fresh, plump strawberries? But they don’t just taste marvelous and they also relieve the symptoms of gout, and are cleansing to the whole system.

Treat these foods as extra insurance at times of need, physical, mental or emotional during pregnancy, flu epidemics, periods of overwork or unusually high stress, or after an indulgent holiday. Use them at time of illness to hasten your recovery. Above that, make sure that these foods feature regularly in your everyday eating. Also an ounce of prevention in worth a pound of cure.

For more about individual foods, you have find out super foods that gives you mental and physical power. You don’t have to be ill to make the most of this article. Its purpose is to promote general health as much as to treat specific illness to teach prevention as much as to offer a sickroom regime. In the modern life, you have to take Stress for some certain tasks. No matter it is comes from Office or house life. So, better foods selection relief your mind and Stress. 

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